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Sara has lived on Kauai for over
20 years, having moved here from Berkeley, California, where she made her living as a stained glass artist. Born in Vienna, Austria, Sara was adopted at 13 months and was raised in North Carolina. She majored in art at East Carolina University.

From an early age, Sara always knew she would be an artist and was interested in various mediums. She received her first real camera (Canon SLR) at the age of sixteen and learned to use the camera to photograph her original art for portfolios.

In 1989 she began to rely on her photo skills as a means to make a living. She managed a busy photo lab in Princeville and Hanalei for 7 years, while starting her own business as a wedding, portrait and fine art photographer. Printing and developing in her own studio dark room, until she flipped her creative mind going digital, and created a new digital light studio. Sara became an obsessive Photoshop user and said goodbye to film and smelly dark room odors forever. She travels all over the country to attend training workshops for photography and Photoshop and is a member in good standing of WPPI and NAPP.

As an artist, Sara is always looking for creative experiences, and photographing people is her passion. When first asked to photograph a wedding, Sara thought “Sure why not!” She couldn’t believe how much fun she had. She also felt great satisfaction in being able to produce work that would offer a lifetime of joy and wonderful memories.

“It’s all about my clients – the best way to make great images, is to have happy clients. Professionalism, patience and genuinely caring for people put even the most camera shy person at ease. Being able to capture great images of the most important times of their lives is the ultimate job satisfaction.”


All wedding and portrait photography is customized to the individuals’ needs. Please contact Sara for pricing.

Wedding Albums are customized.
Asuka Books and Willow Books are currently my two favorite coffee table books. If you want an album from a specific manufacturer, i.e. Art Leather, Cypress, Renaissance, etc., I will be happy to get them for you. All album prices vary per manufacturer and content.

Previous clients

Bill Clinton for Vin Gupta
Pahio Resort
Na Aina Kai Gardens for American Horticulture
Busch Family (Anheiser-Busch)
Artist George Sumner
Author Jill Marie Landis
Numerous corporate events
Kauai Beach Villas
Activity Wearhouse
Majestic Gems
Kauai Cuisine
Feature newspaper and magazine articles
And some of the most beautiful brides and families in the world.

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What’s In That Camera Bag?

Sara comes to all jobs with several professional digital camera bodies and lenses. She also brings an assistant.

Nikon D700 and D300s camera bodies

All cameras are loaded with Lexar 300X, 8 GB compact flash cards.

All lenses are Nikon 2.8 VR in ranges from 11 MM to 400 MM.

Back in the studio she works in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 on a MAC platform.

Why Digital?

When I first started working as a photographer, digital was not affordable. However it was obvious that this was the way to go. After getting hooked on Photoshop I realized that I wanted to capture all my images in digital. Clients used to question the resolution of digital over film. Digital has long ago surpassed the resolution of film. The optics ultimately dictate the resolution of either film or digital images. I use the best optics that Nikon has to offer.

Digital allows me a much higher degree of creativity. I never have to hold myself back from capturing moments by running out of film. Being digital doesn’t mean you can take a bad image and make it good, it means you can take a great image and make it exceptional. You can also take that exceptional image and create it different ways.

I capture all my images in color and then I have the option to convert them to B&W or many other creative styles. Photoshop is always upgrading with the most exciting software on the market. I am always upgrading my Photoshop and equipment.
"Sara was great! We would use her for other assignments as well."
Michelle and Elliot Parks

"Sara is superb! We are so happy with our photos and we were so lucky to have been referred to such a dynamic photographer. Sara was a beautiful peice of the fabric that helped weave our day into the best day of our lives! I would highly recommend her to any bride and groom."
Molly and Nick Sebo

"I can't say enough good things about Sara. She made us laugh and feel very comfrotable while she was taking pictures. I'm not very photogenic but we had sooo many good pictures to choose from, I couldn't be happier. Sara really knows what she's doing."

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